Our First Anniversary!

I’d like to start by wishing WordPress and myself a happy one year anniversary!

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I logged on today to write a post about how it’s going to be a ‘new uni session, new blogging me’ type year and believe it or not, that notification actually inspired me to try harder.

So here we go:

First things first, this is my 3rd year of uni, second year in this course and I did come into this session as excited for my classes as when I began. Yes, I am a loser, I am aware of that #JustBCMThings. But there are a few things I know that I am going to have to work on this session.

    1. This morning on my first morning walking to my tutorial I saw what I assume was a first year walking to class wearing booty shorts and high heels. I am not here to judge but please, first years, relax. This session I will not make a disgusted face when I see that at 8:30am again. People will be people, I wear jeans and a shirt, she wears high heals, It is not my concern. But also:

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    2. When I come to the library to do my reading report. I should do my reading report, not procrastinate by writing a blog post whilst watching Married at First Sight.

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    3. I have said it 4 times now but 5th time’s a charm, I WILL attend my lectures. For once I have no reason to skip my lectures. They fit in with my timetable perfectly, this is my year! I can do it (ignoring the one lecture that I have already skipped on Monday, oops).
    4. And lastly, this session I am going to enter group projects with a positive view. Yes, in the past, they have had their negative points but if I can be more positive, it will make the whole experience more pleasant for everyone. No one likes it but we all have to do it so we may as well try to make the best of every situation!

So there are my goals, I guess we’ll soon find out if I can follow them or not. Stay tuned for new blog posts as often as I can be bothered to do them.

Good luck with the new session everyone! May we all at least pass our subjects.




Media Ownership Matters!

Imagine a world where Donald Trump controlled the media. Scary thought, right? Well this is the reason that media ownership regulations and controls are in place.

There are a number of laws in place to prevent media owners from spreading propaganda across multiple networks and potentially brainwashing people. This has been seen in a number cases and without the laws, it would could potentially happen again.

If we look back to when Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany, he used his power to take over control of the media. This was an issue because he was using his power for wrong and released propaganda and used his control over the media to brainwash the citizens of Germany. Thanks to the regulations in place now, this can’t happen again.

In Australia, there are many different media owners and because of the laws, this means that there are many types of media channels/platforms. Having these seperate owners mean that each one has a different idea of what to broadcast. This means that some media types will be left wing and others will be right wing. There will always be some sort of bias in the media but having more than one owner means that the likelihood of media brainwashing is significantly decreased and also that people can get a broader range of information due to the variation in news stories.

But now the real question; do I trust the media? No, I don’t. This is because with the amounts of stories being told, I have found that they vary and ‘swing’ a certain way to appeal to the target audience/demographics. I am very cautious when watching the news or hearing stories on the radio because they can be biased.

When trying to find information, one would find that the same story can be told across multiple channels but will likely be told differently to appeal to the target demographics. This does not mean it is all “fake news” (“I’m talking about you Donald” – Sue Turnbull), it simply means that the spin that certain channels use can cause the audience to believe different information which can lead to multiple views on the same situation, all of which are not always correct.

So in my opinion, when hearing stories on the media, look at where it is coming from and research the topic if you are interested because it may not always be telling all of the facts.

Advertising Underwear or Sex?

Warning: this article shows partial nudity.

When a person sees an advertisement, their mind is captured first by the photo that is taken and a lot of the time, the product or service being advertised is the second thing that comes to mind. This is because the company wants a consumer to associate a product with an experience. This is exactly the case with American Apparel‘s over-sexualised adverts.

Ad_S Magazine 240308.aiWith American Apparel’s former CEO and founder Dov Charney having undergone an extensive court case that included sexual harassment and defamation, one may look into the adverts he created a little differently.

When looking into the semiotics (the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation) in the image on the left, there are signifiers/denotations (a sign’s physical form as distinct from it’s meaning e.g. a sound, printed work or image) and there are also the signifieds/connotations (the meaning or idea expressed by a sign, as distinct form in which is expressed) and it is quite clear in this image that the first noticeable message (signified/connotation) you see is sex.



Ad_Vice Japan 080106.aiAlthough this advertisement is for underwear, it is not the first idea or message the viewer sees. The usual underwear advert is not sexualised unless it is for lingerie type clothes, so does this raise the question of why some plain grey briefs are being depicted in this over-sexualised way? This is seen in a lot of their adverts; for example this advert on the left that is for ‘Stirrup Socks’ where the right hand side does not even show socks, only a naked women.

A combination of this advertising and the case have been rumoured to be the reason behind women and men boycotting American Apparel, as well as it’s further bankruptcy in Australia that have forced the stores to close and their online presence to disappear here.

The American Apparel brand is known for it’s controversial adverts, however, with knowing the CEO has been through this court case for sexual misconduct, the viewer may see this advertisement as inappropriate and start viewing the advertisements as too sexually explicit for what they are trying to sell. This proves that through semiotics, a signified can turn into something completely different and even inappropriate if you are aware of other factors behind the signified.






Is The Media Making Me Fat?

Is media the reason I’m fat?

As I sit here writing this post on a media platform, I am eating hummus and crackers. But is this the reason I am fat?

There are a lot of articles on the internet saying that people sitting behind their computer screens, on their phones or watching television are more likely to be obese. They link this purely to media, not taking into consideration things such as hereditary issues, the target groups personal motivation to eat healthy and exercise or actual health disorders.

These articles claim that due to people spending more time watching television or being on social networking rather than working on their own health is the reason behind a lot of the nations obesity. This statement, in my opinion, is untrue. Yes, there are studies that show that you eat more in front of the television but does this mean it is television making you fat? No, it is a persons’ personal motivation to exercise and ‘get rid’ of the extra calories you may consume in these situations.


As a person who grew up borderline always outdoors, I didn’t have restricted media hours. If I wanted to be inside watching television or playing on my Gameboy Colour, or even playing snake on my big sisters Nokia, I was allowed to. But what does this have to do with being fat?


Restricting media time, is not going to make a person fit or ‘skinny’. They will find other ways to utilise their time. This being a range of things; reading a book, going for a drive or even going out for coffee with a friend. These are all things people find socially acceptable but we don’t blame them for a persons’ weight. You can do the above and still go to the gym or for a walk or do something that contributes to ones’ own health.

Yes, we are all going to snack in front of the television or when we are pre-occupied with the media, but this does not mean we will be more likely to be obese. It simple means that when we do this, we must make the time to exercise or choose healthier foods to snack with. If you were to take these points above into perspective, the media does not make people over-weight, peoples lack of exercise and healthy eating make them over-weight.


Here we go…

Wooh! First blog post on wordpress!

As you can see from my URL, it will not come as a surprise to know that I am Lizzie. I am a student at the University of Wollongong, studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies.

(Is this where I insert a meme?)

I’m 20 years old (and surprisingly not the oldest in the class) from a small sheltered town in the middle of nowhere. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that later.

It’s hard to say why you may be looking at my blog, are you another student, or are you my tutor marking my posts (can I please have a HD)? Either way, I hope my blog will give you some insight into what I am studying and its relevance in the world and our future.

For now though, I will just try to learn how to use this website. (I wish I was joking)

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