Our First Anniversary!

I’d like to start by wishing WordPress and myself a happy one year anniversary!

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I logged on today to write a post about how it’s going to be a ‘new uni session, new blogging me’ type year and believe it or not, that notification actually inspired me to try harder.

So here we go:

First things first, this is my 3rd year of uni, second year in this course and I did come into this session as excited for my classes as when I began. Yes, I am a loser, I am aware of that #JustBCMThings. But there are a few things I know that I am going to have to work on this session.

    1. This morning on my first morning walking to my tutorial I saw what I assume was a first year walking to class wearing booty shorts and high heels. I am not here to judge but please, first years, relax. This session I will not make a disgusted face when I see that at 8:30am again. People will be people, I wear jeans and a shirt, she wears high heals, It is not my concern. But also:

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.29.43 PM.png

    2. When I come to the library to do my reading report. I should do my reading report, not procrastinate by writing a blog post whilst watching Married at First Sight.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.07.00 PM

    3. I have said it 4 times now but 5th time’s a charm, I WILL attend my lectures. For once I have no reason to skip my lectures. They fit in with my timetable perfectly, this is my year! I can do it (ignoring the one lecture that I have already skipped on Monday, oops).
    4. And lastly, this session I am going to enter group projects with a positive view. Yes, in the past, they have had their negative points but if I can be more positive, it will make the whole experience more pleasant for everyone. No one likes it but we all have to do it so we may as well try to make the best of every situation!

So there are my goals, I guess we’ll soon find out if I can follow them or not. Stay tuned for new blog posts as often as I can be bothered to do them.

Good luck with the new session everyone! May we all at least pass our subjects.




Where I’m From – Final

From a very young age, I just remember playing at the farm. It would just be my grandparents and I but everything we did was exciting. My grandma taught me to cook and my grandpa didn’t yell at me when I climbed all over the yards.

When I think of ‘Where I’m From’ I think of the happiness I felt when playing on the farm, I think of how much better it got when my cousins came along and were there to play with me – this is why I’ve included them in the visual.

The place has not changed over the years in a visual or an audio sense. There will always be the faint tractor in the background, there will always be laughter and grandma will always have some sort of story to tell us; that is what makes it where I’m from.

I wanted to make this clip feel ‘homey’. I wanted to get the warm feeling that I feel when I am there, when I watch it.

(The beginning is a guitar cover by myself of Vance Joys’ song Georgia)


At Peace With Nature


When we step outside, how often do we just stop and listen.

How often do we just walk around without talking or listening to music and just hear the raw sounds of our surroundings?

At first, you may hear silence, then you hear your footsteps but what is there when you listen deeper.

I have included what I hear a lot of; animals, the wind, the river, occasionally some machinery.

In this project I have attempted to re-create the sense of calm that can be felt when you’re alone with nature, the one that I feel when I am home.

For this project I have focused on the farm where I am from, not Wollongong.

Where I’m From Part 1

This is my “Where I’m From” Remoscope project 1.

The way I have made this video is that the first part is slowed down and in black and white. This is to represent that I am from an old town that is slow and dull.

In the middle I have .15 second bursts of where I was from and where I am from now, Wollongong. This is for the transition into the Wollongong ending, showing the differences between the water and the roads and where I call home now.

I decided to mix in both places because I am from Wollongong too now.